NAPS creates a bridge between the data that enhances social development and inclusive evidence for building policies


It achieves its goals by analysing development metrics partnered with local knowledge and experts to design and implement achievable evidence based policies and programs with evaluation and monitoring embedded to ensure outcomes and impacts can be measured. NAPS works in partnership strengthening the cooperation between governments, non-government organisations, civil society organisations and the community.



Our Mission

A combination of statistical experts and social development specialists that embeds group participation practices into high-level strategic and statistical data analysis to deliver solutions to real-world problems. NAPS leverages current statistical collections and empowers decision makers with powerful information that is easily translated into practical and meaningful impactful policy and programs.



  • Engages local stakeholders– from grassroots youth community groups to government partners and donor funders

  • Builds upon local data sets and international data sources to provide the best available information

  • Utilises local data sets and international sources as well as best practice globally to identify measurable and achievable outcomes

  • Creates statistical models and data visualisations to provide easy long term maintenance by social development practitioners and to increase statistical literacy and capability within local all levels of government,
    Non-government organisations and civil society organisations

  • Design of measurement frameworks and feasibility studies for effective use of available resources

  • Produces comprehensive reports complete with recommendations and localised analysis