NAPS creates a bridge between data and inclusive policy to enhance social development.


NAPS can help you develop achievable, evidence-based, social development policies and programs. We analyse relevant metrics and enhance that by building in local knowledge and expertise. We design monitoring, evaluation and reporting processes to ensure policy outcomes can be measured and policies can be adapted and improved over time. We work in partnership with and strengthen the cooperation between governments, non-government organisations, civil society organisations and the community.



Our Mission

NAPS mission is to inform the development of cohesive, practical and impactful social development policies and programs that empower decision makers worldwide to deliver solutions to real-world social problems for their communities. We are culturally-sensitive statistical experts and social development specialists who care about the communities we are working with and advocate on their behalf. We are passionate about creating better linkages between policy, program work and data. We leverage current statistical collections and then enhance those by embedding data from group participation practices, using locally empathetic expertise, into high-level strategic and statistical data analysis. We design monitoring programs to assess implementation and inform adaptation strategies for the social policies and programs. Our unique ability is to create powerful information that is easily translated into evidence-based, adaptable and culturally appropriate social policies and programs.


  • We utilise the best available local and international data sets to ensure policies and programs are evidence-based

  • We engage with local stakeholders to enhance the data sets, drawing on the knowledge and expertise of grassroots community groups, government partners and donors

  • We create statistical models that can be maintained by local social development practitioners

  • We create data visualisations to increase statistical literacy and policy formulation capability within all levels of local government, non-government organisations and civil society organisations

  • We develop feasibility studies to test whether proposed policies and supporting programs are practical and implementable in terms of the local constraints and available resources

  • We design monitoring and evaluation frameworks to assess whether policies and supporting programs are working and identify adaptation pathways if necessary

  • We produce comprehensive reports that outline our data analysis, information used, findings and recommendations explain our policies and programs and make recommendations on how these might be implemented and monitored

  • We capacity build local, national and international stakeholders through data literacy and policy development workshops


Employees and contractors of NAPS occupy a position of trust. We are entrusted by Governments, NGOs and private companies to undertake important work on their behalf. With this trust comes a high level of responsibility which we match with the highest standards of ethical behaviour.

Our Core Values are:

  • Impartiality - being apolitical and providing advice that is honest, timely and based on the best available evidence

  • Integrity - being honest and sincere in our dealings with ourselves and our clients

  • Commitment - being dedicated to high value work with the capacity to achieve and add value

  • Excellence - continuously striving for improvement in all our undertakings and in the quality of our services

  • Accountability - being transparent, accepting responsibility for our work and be answerable for the outcomes

  • Fairness - being equitable in all our dealings

  • Respect - respecting all people, including their rights, religions, cultures and heritage